Planting Together

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Life in Christ happens in community. As soon as you follow Jesus, you are an official and important member of the body of Christ, the church.

Planting together begins with a seed that sends roots deep

This folder from our Welcome Sites will give you a sense of what Circle of Hope is about: An introduction to us ►

We talk about how our church is organized like it is a bird. It has two "wings:" the cells and public meetings (mostly Sunday meetings). Everything else we do is an expression of these two generative groupings.

Cells are a place to be known, belong and to give what you have been given.

Our cells are the main places seeds grow into redwoods. We always have room for a new person to be planted.

Cells for beginners ►

Sunday Meetings are "us in public:" a place to worship, learn, connect and let Jesus be seen.

Our Sunday meetings are great ways to express your faith and learn life in Christ. They are good places to wander in our ecosystem.

What to expect in a Sunday meeting ►

We generate everything we do from the cells that gather in public meetings

These compassion teams and mission teams are especially good at scattering seeds of grace and nurturing new sprouts.

A few of our compassion teams:

  • Circle Thrift Advisory Team
  • Circle Counseling
  • Development without Displacement Team
  • BGX (Free Baby and kids Goods eXchange)
  • Friends of Hagert St. Playground
  • Neighbors Investing in Childs Elementary (NICE)
  • Urban Farm Team

A few of our mission teams:

  • Circle of Hope Audio Art
  • Second Saturday Game Night Team
  • Doing Theology Team

IntroExperience the Earth ▥ Planting Together ▥ Read & ListenGifts for Growing