…we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand

Plant seeds and establish roots. Explore the basics of following Jesus.

Journey here to connect with Jesus—maybe for the first time. You will find resources that explore how Jesus followers think and feel, the Bible, and other encouragement for healing and spiritual renewal. You will also find out how unbelievers or new believers fit into our cells, Sunday Meetings, and teams.

In the Earth section...

Spend some time thinking and praying about the seed of faith being planted or reseeded in you. Imagine how faith gets started and how it keeps being renewed.

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EARTH is the right territory for you right now.

Planting Seeds

The Creator is all about fertility. God joyously fills the earth with good, reproducing creations. One of them is you. All through the Bible, life gets started with God planting seeds: seeds from plants, the seed of conception, the word of God, Jesus himself planted like a seed in Mary, in humanity—the Word Himself.

God is a sower. The first steps of faith include receiving the “seed” of the word of Jesus. Jesus is the word of God planted in the earth—the seed of reconciliation, the regenerative power of eternity in time.

God is our lover. And we are his bride. God’s desire is for us and God’s seed generates new life in us. We are born again and we give birth to many good things.

Growing roots

The seed of faith starts small but it grows into a tree that offers shade and safety to all sorts of creatures in our spiritual ecosystem. From a small beginning we stretch upward and outward and inward and deeper until we are well-rooted and solid.

So being planted has a beginning point, but it also has many more beginnings. With each new era, with each new location, really, with every day we experience newness of life in Christ. We have a lifelong experience of being planted in the earth, stretching down roots, producing our own seeds and planting them.

This section is for getting in touch with God like a plant in the earth, so imagine:

Sprouts and roots,

breezes blowing in the change

of season and scattering seeds,

sun greening leaves and

lightning causing blazes,

rain and river nourishing growth.