Gifts for Growing

Every year Circle of Hope calls on gifted people to help us grow. While most of what we have fits well into a cell or Sunday meeting, we organize further events to help each other grow in particular ways.

Our schedule is arranged around the seasons:

Spring is devoted to Earth: Planting seeds of faith and helping them sprout.

• Summer is devoted to Wind: Taking first steps of life in the Spirit.

• Fall is devoted to Fire: Accepting the gifts we bring to the community and our purpose, and learning to give them.

Winter is devoted to Water: Deepening resources for transformation.

The rest of our Way of Jesus site is organized in a similar way; it has resources to help us move along on our journey in Christ.

July to September 2021 ▨ Wind

Spiritual Development

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Bible and Theology

Getting to Know the Bible

Paul's Letters and Acts

July 14 | 8pm-10pm | Online | Register Here

What was Paul like? What did he do? Why was he hard to handle? We're looking at not just what Paul said but what he did. How do the book of Acts and his letters in the new Testament match up? Ben White and Scott Shannon lead a 90-minute dialogue on Zoom to help you get a handle on these and your own questions.

Marriage and Parenting

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Business and Finance

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Community Building

About Making a Covenant


The pastors lead prospective covenant-makers through the basic meaning and practicalities of this important step. The covenant is the core of love and mutuality that holds our whole church together. It’s not a matter of being in or out, it’s a matter of saying yes to Jesus, to our common strategy. We want to be a real people living in real love.

About Circle of Hope

July 26 | 7:30pm | Zoom | Register Here

Want to learn more about Circle of Hope but aren’t sure how to ask? This is a great place to do that. We want to talk about who we are and what we are doing. You might have other questions too. Why do we meet at night? Why do we multiply? Why are we Christians? What’s the point of planting churches? Let’s answer them together. We hope we learn as much from you as you do from us.

October to December 2021 ▨ Fire

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January to March 2022 ▨ Water

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April to June 2022 ▨ Earth

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