Gifts for Growing

Every year Circle of Hope calls on gifted people to help us grow. While most of what we have fits well into a cell or Sunday meeting, we organize further events to help each other grow in particular ways.

Our schedule is arranged around the seasons:

Spring is devoted to Earth: Planting seeds of faith and helping them sprout.

• Summer is devoted to Wind: Taking first steps of life in the Spirit.

• Fall is devoted to Fire: Accepting the gifts we bring to the community and our purpose, and learning to give them.

Winter is devoted to Water: Deepening resources for transformation.

The rest of our Way of Jesus site is organized in a similar way; it has resources to help us move along on our journey in Christ.

October to December 2021 ▨ Fire

Spiritual Development

Giving Up Whiteness Workshop w/ Jeff James

Saturday, January 8th | 10am-12pm | Zoom | Free | Register here

Author Jeff James leads an interactive discussion on his journey toward "giving up whiteness." It's an opportunity especially for white folks to keep moving toward awareness and freedom in Christ and in community. Participants are encouraged to read the book ahead of time; all proceeds are donated and Jeff has extra copies if anyone is in need of a free one. RSVP here by January 5. Light refreshments will be served; masks required.

Bible and Theology

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Marriage and Parenting

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Business and Finance

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Community Building

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January to March 2022 ▨ Water

April to June 2022 ▨ Earth

July to September 2021 ▨ Wind