Receive what you’ve been given and make a difference.

…fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you.

Learn to think, feel, and act as your best self.

In the Fire section...

Spend some time thinking and praying about the fire of transformation remaking you into your true self and sending you out to ignite the beginning of what’s next for this generation.

  • If you are ready to make a difference...
  • If you want to build a unique church that presents an alternative to our self-destructive world...
  • If you have passion burning in you and you want to figure out how to express it...
  • If you are burned out and you want to feel some heat...
  • If you need some tools for action...

FIRE is the right territory for you right now.

Fanning into flame

When Moses saw the burning bush, he wanted God to send someone else to do his bidding. When the fire of the Spirit descended on Timothy, he tended to express his gifts timidly. Jesus does not call pre-made disciples. He hopes to find regular people who are faithful, available and teachable.

God is a consuming fire. Like when Moses saw the bush and Timothy experienced his growth, the fire consumed but did not destroy. God is forging a new creation.

God is our leader. Jesus is the head of the church and we are a part of it. He is moving us to change the world with him. We overcome our hesitance, change our ways and become partners in the “family business” of redemption.


There is something of our destiny that propels a baby off their bottom, onto their wobbly legs and then toddling across the floor. It is the same with life in Christ. We hope to disciple believers who can make it to at least fifty years old, when their full fire is present and focused. At each stage, we learn how to find power to enter a new era with Jesus. As we enter every new era of growth, every new kindling, we tend to wobble, but we keep developing.

We have a lifelong experience of God’s fire. The first experience is refining and renewing fire with its warmth and light in our darkness. We are drawn to the light, longing for closeness to God. The second experience is burning and frightening fire with its capacity to change everything. God is other than us, God’s ways beyond and unknown to us.

This section is for accepting our value and power and exercising it in love and truth along the pilgrim way of transformation, Jesus lighting our path like fire, so imagine:

See the light:

geyser, lava, shooting star.

Live in the light:

a warm breeze coming in the window

of your cold spiritual home,

the weather of a new climate.

Generate the light:

shine light in the dark,

a conduit of spiritual energy,

daring, sharing.

Be the light.