An introduction to us

Here’s some stories behind this ever-forming vision.

Every person has their own story to tell and it is an important one. We want to be there to hear each one and to participate in it as each new friend writes the on-going story of his or her life in relationship to God and His people.

"I know I could be deeper."

Carrie is no stranger to the subject of spirituality. She has tried several avenues. But she wanted to return to Jesus Christ. She is with Circle of Hope because of the promise of being with people who are struggling with the deep issues of faith, who are determined to know God.

We are a people who focus on worship and prayer, who know how to be quiet and listen, to be joyful and celebrate. We use music and art to express, explore, and deepen our relationship with God.

"I want to bring people hope."

John has had good and bad experiences with churches in the past. One thing that bothered him was that, as far as he could tell, most of them end up being a small clique of people who cannot see past their own experiences and relationships. He’s part of Circle of Hope because the church has a vision for reaching out to give people hope in Jesus, not just storing it up for themselves.

We long to live a full life in Christ by reaching out to tell people the good news that Jesus Christ has opened up the way for new life that brings hope for every generation.

"I want to explore without pressure."

Harold did not want to be involved with Christians because he was not completely settled about what he believed. Sometimes church people seemed so educated, he didn’t know if he could fit in. He’s with Circle of Hope because the church is committed to treating everyone individually, letting them go their own pace, accepting them where they are, and helping them get where they want to go.

Our cell groups, team trainings, periodic retreats, and seminars have a place for everyone to grow, no matter where they start.

"I want to make a difference."

Chas is a hands-on kind of person. He doesn’t want to talk about social action; he wants to do something to heal and empower. He’s part of Circle of Hope because he wants to join with a group of people who aren’t giving up, but are just getting started.

We want to create an organism devoted to serving and to walking with people who are reconstructing their lives and their city.

"I long for friendship."

Tanisha was not surprised that relationships among Christians take work too. But she was encouraged by Circle of Hope’s intention to work on having good ones. She found a place to be known for who she is in a small “cell,” inspired by the vision of being a multiracial and culturally sensitive church.

We are excited about being partners with people determined to avoid the trappings of “business” and to keep things personal.