Our Written Covenant

I covenant with the others of Circle of Hope to live a life in Christ that demonstrates the love of God and lives out our purpose to be a Circle of Hope in Jesus Christ:

  • a movement of cells multiplying congregations,
  • a people called to reconciliation,
  • an opportunity to explore and express God’s love.

I will use the gifts God has given me to contribute to Christ's global cause and to fulfill Circle of Hope's yearly goals and main mission to create an environment where people can connect with God and act for redemption:

  • Loving the thirsty people of our fractured region,
  • generating a new expression of the church
  • resisting and restoring with those moved by the Holy Spirit.

I confess that Jesus is Lord and commit to live apart from sin and devoted to following in the Lord’s way. I will develop worship and prayer in solitude and solidarity and gain other disciplines that deepen my own life in the Spirit and encourage others. I will consciously participate in the dialogue that creates the character and convictions of our church and strive to be of one mind and purpose with our common understanding.

I will continue to study the Bible and listen to the Holy Spirit teach me: personally, through other believers, and through other bodies with whom we connect. I will do what I can to guide and teach others.

I will be a supportive member of the team and seek to be in reconciliation with others: in my cell, in our leadership team, and with others in the world. I will include people who are not like me, just as Christ included me, crossing barriers to love with Jesus. I will offer my resources to our common life: money, time, energy and grace.

I will seek to show God's love in practical ways as God enables me to be a truth teller and a healing agent, loving our neighbors and serving where there is need here and around the world, planting seeds of hope and extending the kingdom of God.