How to Use

How to use the Way of Jesus site

The Way of Jesus is, first, the journey you are on with the Lord. This site is named after your journey because it is designed to give you the gifts we have collected to help you along your way, from the first seeds of faith, to taking your first steps in the Spirit, to experiencing your capacity to serve, and on into your lifelong joy of living in grace.

Like your life story, the way is not linear or easy to outline⁠—so our site is organic like that. It has a movement from earth to wind to fire to water—there are stages of faith. But it is also a place to randomly explore and discover according to the way you do things. Plus, the collection keeps growing and changing, just like us⁠—so you won’t get everything the first time through.

Here is how the whole thing is laid out:

1. There are four sections that reflect four stages of adult faith: earth, wind, fire and water.

2. Each section has four parts:

  • 1 – An intro that brings out the feel for the section
  • 2 – A part about being a person in the earth, wind, fire or water stage
  • 3 – A part about doing what one does to grow in that stage
  • 4 – A part that gives suggestions for what you could read or listen to at that stage

There is also a reminder about the Gifts for Growing collection in each section. Those offerings usually include at least one thing especially suited for the stage you are in.

3. Each part has a lot of links that will take you beyond it.

The Way of Jesus site is the place Circle of Hope stores a lot of treasure. We know most of us learn life in Christ person to person and face to face, and by working out life in community and service to the world. But the resources we have collected will help you. God bless you as you use them all!

If you want to see it all in outline form, here is a link to the Site Map.